Keep your staff motivated after summer

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Your staff could be considering a job move if they have just returned from/been on holiday. According to research by CV-Library, over 52% of workers say there’s a greater chance they will look for a new position after taking a summer break.

This is hardly surprising. Taking time out – especially in summer - helps you recharge physically and emotionally and the escape from the daily routine may also bring a new perspective on your current employment situation,  as well as on other issues you are experiencing.

According to the CV-Library research summer is the peak time of year for employees to grow dissatisfied with work and start looking for new opportunities. So what can you do to keep your employees motivated and stop them thinking of moving somewhere else?

Leave everything tied up before holiday 

If you suspect a member of your staff may be feeling demotivated at work, you need to act before they go away on that trip.

First of all you should talk to the employee to try to address their concerns. Get to know what is stopping them from being happy at work and aim to offer them the right ‘motivational pill’ to cure it.  

Booking them on a course for September or scheduling a mentoring meeting on their return may help them feel better while they are away enjoying the sun on the beach.

Allow employees to totally switch off

Technology has certainly changed the way in which we communicate, making flexible working easier than ever. But when your staff members are on holiday you should think twice before contacting them to ask a ‘quick question’.

Let them completely switch off. It may seem tempting sometimes to send an email or give a quick call to ask about information you think only they have, but these apparently inoffensive actions can bring unwanted consequences.

You could be harming their work-life balance and giving out the signal that your company doesn’t respect your employees’ free time.

Welcome them back gently

Don’t pile up work on your employees’ desks. The CV-Library research also pointed out that 34.1% of workers felt overwhelmed immediately after their break because of the amount of work their bosses asked them to deal with. 29% of them also said that the most difficult part of coming back from a summer trip is going into the office.

On the other hand, if you are planning to recruit summer could probably be a great time to catch the talent you need. Although it is vital to be clear about what you are offering to keep them motivated for the future!